The Sociology of Video Games’ 1st Anniversary

Today marks one year since I registered The Sociology of Video Games

The cake is a lie. No cake was baked.
The cake is a lie. No cake was baked.

It’s been a year of sociologically relevant news, looking into racist games, and failed attempts at humor.  I can’t thank everyone who has supported the blog over this past year, you’ve help keep me motivated to post and share my interest in sociology and video games. I do hope the blog has been worthwhile for those who have subscribed and commented. With your help the blog has really taken off: we’re the first thing that pops up when you search “sociology video games” on google, and we’ve seen links to articles and post spring up in all sorts of awesome places.

The responses and feedback I have received has made up keeping this blog all the more worthwhile. I’m humbled by many of the responses I have received, and I’m glad so many people have found the blog to be worthwhile.

What does the future hold?

I intend to keep building the blog. I would love to see the blog become a place for people interested in sociology and video games to come, discuss, and share resources. In the near future I intend to make the transition to a full fledged website/blog that will provide outlet for discussion, outside contribution of articles or posts, and resources for those interested in sociology and video games.  I’m continuously trying to expand the blogs presence, so hopefully one day we’ll see these goals come to fruition.

I would love to hear from other fans of sociology and video games. Although this blog has been a solo effort, it would be great to share this blog and subject matter with those who are interested. So please let me know if there’s anything you’d like to contribute, share, or see more.

Things The Blog will Introduce in Year 2 (One of these is real!)

tails_out7tsm– A sidekick blog character that appeals to a younger audience and has more appendices than normal!

-6 readable authors, 5 of which are just clones of the original.

-Rideable dinosaurs!

-8 New Robot masters.

-More than 150 new articles, even though you were told in the previous year that only 150 articles in total existed. (Honestly, how hard did they even look?)

– More articles and silliness.


2 thoughts on “The Sociology of Video Games’ 1st Anniversary”

  1. I just wanted to say that I love your blog! Right now i’m a senior in undergrad with Sociology and Psychology as my major. I love coming to your blog and looking at how you incorporate the sociological imagination to video games! Look forward to reading your future blog posts!

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