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New Tropes VS. Women In Gaming Video: Women as Background Decoration Part 1

Anita Sarkeesian has released a new installment in her Tropes Vs. Women in Gaming video series that explores women as decorative objects in gaming. Her videos tend to be controversial amongst the gaming community, but I think she does great work to … Continue reading

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Tropes vs Women in Video Games – Part 3:Damsel in Distress

The third installment in the Tropes vs Women in Video Games series has been released today. I’m not going to say anything about it,  but here’s a brief description: This is the third installment in our three part mini-series exploring … Continue reading

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Microsoft E3: …That wasn’t a rape joke, was it?

Poor wording, or intended rape joke? YOU DECIDE! Only hours after the Microsoft conference at this year’s e3 has ended, some gamers are up in arms over a possible rape joke during their Killer Instinct demo. Of course, Kotaku, the … Continue reading

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Tropes vs. Women in Games Ep. 2

This is just a quick one: A few days ago Anita Sarkeesian released her second Tropes Vs. Women in Games episode, focusing on the trope of the damsel in distress in recent video games. There’s is nothing I can say … Continue reading

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