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New Study Suggests Violent Video Game Releases Coincide with Low Crime Rates

Quick one today folks! Another week, another article claiming that violent video games have X effect on society. There seems to be a pendulum with these types of studies; one article will claim to have found a link between violent … Continue reading

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New Study Finds Risk Glorifying Games Lead to Deviant Behavior

A recent study┬ásuggests that playing mature rated video games may lead to risky, deviant behavior including alcohol use and cigarette smoking. OH HEAVENS!!! Coming out of Dartmouth College and published this week in the American Psychological Association Journal is a … Continue reading

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New Study Says “Violent Video Games May Increase Moral Sensitivity”

Remember when your parents told you that violent video games and violent movies would desensitize you to violence? A study coming out of the University of Texas Austin and Michigan State University suggest that your parents were big fat liars….Well, … Continue reading

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New Study Suggest Violent Video Games Have Benefits for Children Ru Roh. After numerous studies that have tried to link violent video games to bad behavior in children, the American Psychological Association has conducted a study that has found positive … Continue reading

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