Games to Celebrate Independence Day With

Video games like other forms of media attempt to, in some way, mirror society. (Hang in here with me, this is my attempt to justify this piece) While video games are probably the most far-removed from mirrors of society of all the media forms, they still reflects many aspects of society and values. That’s not to say plumbers murdering turtles and gaining super powers from plants and mushroom is an accurate depiction of society, but even in games like Super Mario can we see aspects of society. Or values are their values, even when it seems the most obscure. We as a society like to find days of significance to celebrate and have fun. Thus, it’s only natural that games celebrate holidays just like we do in society.

So I bring you today: Games to Celebrate Independence Day with

Animal Crossing (Series)

Probably the best way to celebrate independence day in game is with the Animal Crossing series. Because the series works off an internal clock and calendar, it knows when holidays and special events take place. Typically, depending on the holiday, the characters in-game will do something special like give you gifts or have a special event like a fire-works show. Of course, since the game a global game it doesn’t exactly call independence day by its name, but instead “Fireworks show day”. You’ll see no flag wave or BBQ have from these animals. Note: the latest installment, New Leaf, will not hold a fireworks show on July 4th. Instead, the game will have Fire-Works day later in the summer. Sucks, I know.

Sid Meier’s Colonization (PC)

Like Independence Day, but want to celebrate it more in a historical sense? Then Colonization is for you! Released on the PC in 1994 as a follow-up to Civilization (Also remade apparently) the game lets you take the role of either the British or American settlers up to gaining Independence. The game makes you work for it however, as you’ll have to deal with trading routes and native populations (There’s nothing quite like celebrating America by decimating Native populations), as well as getting your settlement off the ground correctly.


Metal Wolf Chaos (Xbox)

Feel those games were just a bit too girly? Want a game that will make you bleed red white and blue from your eyes as you fail to comprehend how and why the game you’re witnessing was made. Well Metal Wolf Chaos is for you! Developed by From Software, developer of such games as Demon Souls and Armored Core, this hyper patriotic game never made its way to the United States. I’m not going to lie, I’ve never played it, but it sounds to be the most absolutely ridiculous and awesome game in one. Sedt in the near future, you take the role of the President of the United State that has been the attack of attempts to usurp his position. After narrowly escaping the White House in his mech suit (Yeah, that’s what I said) he attempts to regain control of the country from an administration that reigns terror and even slavery.  We could analyze this game all day, but it’s essentially Mechs, patriotism and explosions the game. While it doesn’t directly celebrate Independence Day, it will give you such a patriotic overload that you’ll feel like waving a flag and gouging out your eyes.

Independence Day (Playstation 1)

Based on the 1996 film in which Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith seemingly stop an alien invasion with a lot of yelling and kabooms, the PSX title Independence Day is a great way to celebrate any 4th of July. Why you may ask? Because Aliens hate freedom…Well at least the ones in the movie did. With each alien ship you shoot down a tear of pure American freedom will fall down your cheek.  But really, it’s actually not a great game. But if you’re really hankering for some pseudo- Will Smith, 4th of July having action, then maybe give it a shot.



So there you have 4 games that you can celebrate the holiday with. Sit back, eat some BBQ, water your lawn, blow up pieces of glass, (or whatever normal Americans do on the 4th of July) and enjoy some very applicable games.


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