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Twitch Plays Pokemon: Can Thousands Work Together To Be a Master?

The past few days a social experiment has taken over Twitch. Twitch, for those who may not know, is an interactive streaming website primarily focused on gaming. This past week, a user by the name of TwitchPlaysPokemon uploaded the 1996 … Continue reading

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Nintendo UK creates the ” Nintendo Girls Club” on Youtube

A few months ago during E3 I asked the question whether Nintendo was being more gender inclusive after the inclusion of lead female characters in most of their E3 line-up. Yesterday, the Nintendo’s Girl Club youtube channel popped up on … Continue reading

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Study Shows Video Games May Help with Dyslexia Today in The Biology of Video Game news (Wait, that’s not what this blog is…) Jokes aside, a recent study suggests that there may be benefits of video games on those with … Continue reading

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Racist Games: Custer’s Revenge (Atari 2600)

Warning: If you’re offended by crudely pixilated genitalia, look no further pass this sentence! Honestly, it’s nothing more than blocks in this scenario. Literally.  In chronicling the games from Racist pasts, one has to start at one of the very … Continue reading

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