Viewpoint: Girls Should Play More Video Games

This article links, much better than I can, many of the articles I’ve posted on this blog. If video games are teaching children valuable cognitive skills, especially ones centered towards math and science, then it’s important that young girls are learning these same type of skills in their video games.


Girls should play more video games. That’s one of the unexpected lessons I take away from a rash of recent studies on the importance of — and the malleability of — spatial skills.

First, why spatial skills matter: the ability to mentally manipulate shapes and otherwise understand how the three-dimensional world works turns out to be an important predictor of creative and scholarly achievements, according to research published this month in the journal Psychological Science. The long-term study found that 13-year-olds’ scores on traditional measures of mathematical and verbal reasoning predicted the number of scholarly papers and patents these individuals produced three decades later. But high scores on tests of spatial ability taken at age 13 predicted something more surprising: the likelihood that the individual would develop new knowledge and produce innovation in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, the domains collectively known as STEM.

The good news is that spatial…

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1 Response to Viewpoint: Girls Should Play More Video Games

  1. lucyfalls says:

    Lots of girls and woman play games, but the myth that “all” gamers are male persists. It really boggles my mind. Making female gamers invisible by denying their existence won’t help anything. Games should be more marketed to women and girls and some of the ridiculous sexist content (e.g. bikini-sized ‘armour’ on female characters) needs to go away… but even before all this happens, we’re playing the games. Don’t worry.

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