Microsoft E3: …That wasn’t a rape joke, was it?

Poor wording, or intended rape joke? YOU DECIDE!

Only hours after the Microsoft conference at this year’s e3 has ended, some gamers are up in arms over a possible rape joke during their Killer Instinct demo. Of course, Kotaku, the video game’s community’s gun jumper, is already over it.

During the demo, an xbox community manager chose some pretty poor words while “facing off” with a female opponent. The joke people are pointing out as offensive is the horrendously scripted and non-witty banter

“Just let it happen, it’ll be over soon”

That’s…ugh…I don’t know how to take this one. It’s poor choice of words, certainly, but is it a rape reference? That’s a stretch. That said, Microsoft needs to watch what they’re doing: using this type of clearly scripted banter while demoing a very violent game with a relatively powerless and unvoiced female counterpart was  a VERY BAD IDEA.

But maybe we’re just all over acting. With so much to pick apart in today’s conference, maybe there’s better things for us to focus on.


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