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Tropes vs. Women in Games Ep. 2

This is just a quick one: A few days ago Anita Sarkeesian released her second Tropes Vs. Women in Games episode, focusing on the trope of the damsel in distress in recent video games. There’s is nothing I can say … Continue reading

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Video Games Causing Divorces – Why We Shouldn’ t Care

Huffington Post posted this article this week: They finally did. Those god damn monsters video games have finally found a way to break the holy matrimony of marriage. Bastards. The article tells a story of a Chinese couple who … Continue reading

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Can Video Games Alleviate LGBT Anti-Bullying? Short answer: Kind of, but not quite. This article explores how video games may be a “cure” anti-LBGT bullying. It questions whether video games as stress relievers can have help bullied LBGT gamers cope. … Continue reading

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Lessons on the Social World: Pokemon

“I want to be the very best, that no one ever was!” It’s not all links and sadness here at the Sociology of Video Games, there’s also deep personal analysis about what Pokemon means to me. No, that’s not true … Continue reading

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Female Employee Calls out Game Developer Boss’ Sexism with Awesome Prank This is just a bit of great and funny news. A post that originated on “The Hawkeye Initiative”(which if you haven’t already gone and checked out you should do … Continue reading

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How Objectificiation Hurts Video Games (Caution, main picture on the article is a little on the NSFW side) Here’s an article that was posted on the NYTimes Live site. To be honest, it’s not the greatest article, but it brings … Continue reading

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Nintendo Patching Gay Marriage “Bug” in Popular Japanese Game Oh boy. This is a strange one. This week Nintendo released a patch for their popular life simulator 3DS title “Tomodachi Collection” that fixes  bug that allows for same-sex relationships. Tomodachi … Continue reading

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